“At some point, the COVID-19 crisis will be over, and the question for Christians will be simple: “What should we learn from this?” And one thing seems obvious: The levels of general panic indicate that few of us have been properly prepared for the reality of our own mortality” This discussion has been swirling in … More Perhaps

Lean in

2017-2018 were 2 difficult years in our Hedger world; our daughter’s heart health, our son-in law’s deployment leaving her & their two babies for months & months…and months, the sudden loss of two precious friends in a tragic international accident, my parents rapid health decline & loss of my dad..and the list can go on. … More Lean in

The God of All

I have been absent from the world of writing for a lengthy time, my thoughts however, were never silenced from subjects and sentences.  At times the mental notes actually made it as far as scribbles in my journal, some of which were cohesive thoughts, others just a word or two as I forged into this … More The God of All dart…

As we traverse the highways and backroads of Missouri on a weekly basis, I am continually captured by the ever changing landscape of our State.  It can happen with the simple turn of a corner, or c… Source: dart…