Lean in

2017-2018 were 2 difficult years in our Hedger world; our daughter’s heart health, our son-in law’s deployment leaving her & their two babies for months & months…and months, the sudden loss of two precious friends in a tragic international accident, my parents rapid health decline & loss of my dad..and the list can go on.

Some seasons are like that, rapid fire sorrow and losses. We cannot escape life on this planet without some form of the residual Genesis 3 brokenness touching our lives, often by touching the lives of those we love.

Yet, in the nature of our remarkably kind and attentive Father, He sits with us in our tear puddles, delivering fresh grace, renewed strength, His abiding joy…and smidgens of laughter.

The same faithful God who has met us in our trauma, sadness, losses and suffering in past years, continues to meet us in our 2020 social isolation. His Word continues to be alive and active, His sovereignty continues to bring overwhelming peace to confused hearts. The severity of past personal storms diminishes in light of His healing presence…hope breaks through the clouds of uncertainty. And simple pilgrims like me, we lean into Him – because “where else would I go?”.


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