“Untucked” is a position in time in which I currently find myself.  In future blogs I hope to better explore my working definition of “untucked”. However, for this moment, I simply toss out this forum for those of us who find ourselves called to the unique role of “starter” (code word for Church Planting wife).

Starter wives = we are married to “starters” and we are either co-gifted in “starting” or we are in the process of learning how to live with and co-labor with a “starter”.  (Run-on sentences abound in the life of “starters” because our thoughts & lives are often gloriously, terrifying chaotic and random.)

Seasons – life is composed of seasons

Assignments – each season involves an assignment

I live in the Midwest, I am a Missouri girl from start hopefully to finish. I am accustomed to the beauty of changing seasons and honestly cannot fathom living in sameness year round.  I have come to a conclusion in my ?? years, it is not profound but it is truth – our spiritual seasons will each look familiar yet different…the same but not the same.  For “starter” wives, our familiar but different, same but not the sameness can be excruciatingly painful, sometimes lonely and often terrifying….and yet, our soul cries “YES! This is what I was created for, this is my calling and my purpose.” And somehow in this exhausting, chaotic, unpredictable world we serve, a deep sense of “yes” evolves.

We are on the journey, and I desire that we take it across Missouri, the nation and the globe – together.


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